Bajaj Qute makes its first foray into Europe


Qute in Turkey

Turkey becomes the first European country to ply Bajaj Auto’s Quadricycle
In a major boost to Bajaj Auto’s flagship eco-friendly Quadricycle, the first Qute was officially registered in Turkey in the L7 category and is expected to be available for purchase very soon.
The Qute, or RE60, is the first Indian-made Quadricycle to meet the stringent European Quadricyle norms and get European WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval) certification awarded by RDW Netherlands.


First Registered Qute in Turkey

The Qute has already been touted as a unique vehicle with various advantages. It can be used as a family vehicle, an intra-city commercial transport vehicle, or even as a goods transporter in crowded cities with narrow lanes. This eco-friendly vehicle emits 40% lesser CO2 as compared to other vehicles, which undoubtedly will help bring down pollution levels in crowded urban areas. Moreover, with the top speed of 70km/hr, mileage of 36kmpl, small turning radius and compact size, the Qute is the perfect commuter vehicle in any city suffering from traffic woes.
The Qute is a multi-purpose vehicle that will be an integral part of urban transport the world over. Turkey is only the beginning. The Qute is expected to launch in 25 countries around the world.